Abusers aren't just partners and spouses.  Sometimes parents abuse their children, or children abuse their parents.  Abuse may come from other family members, such as a sibling.  An abuser may even be a caregiver.  It doesn't matter who is perpetrating the behaviour: if someone is using threats, physical or emotional force or blackmail to try to control you, this person may be considered abusive.

Any abusive relationship can be dangerous and certainly unhealthy for the victim.  If you are experiencing abuse from a family member, friend or acquaintance, you have the right to take measures to be free and feel safe and secure.  There are agencies available to help you deal with all kinds of abusive, not just partner/spousal  abuse.  These agencies are prepared to help you by offering information and emotional and practical support to escape an abusive relationship so you can feel safe and in control again, no matter who your abuser is.