Lack of money or a steady, healthy income is one of the biggest reasons that women stay with abusive partners.  Many stay for years, even decades.  And while they might feel they are doing what they have to to survive, they continue to suffer and even put themselves at risk of injury or death in the name of "survival."

A perceived lack of finances does not have to be an obstacle to leaving an abusive partner.  Every woman deserves to live a life that is free of fear and shame. 

Fortunately there are many resources available within the community that can help you access things like temporary/emergency housing, low-cost or subsidized permanent housing, food and groceries and even grants and loans to help you further your education or train for a career so that you can reach a place of self-sufficiency without worrying about how to pay the bills.

Some of the organizations that can assist you in obtaining financial assistance are:

Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation   •   Quesnel Women's Resource Centre  •   Amata Transition House