If you have been relying on your partner to contribute to your household income, then leaving with your children is probably daunting.  Many women like you in abusive relationships rely on their partner for income and shelter.  Leaving means giving up that shelter and part or all of your household income. 

Not only that, but often in abusive relationships the abuser controls the money.  He may have forbidden you to work outside the home as a means of controlling you.  Or, perhaps you earn your own income but your partner controls your bank account and restricts your spending.

Whatever your particular situation, your fears about money are real.  But they don't have to keep you from making the choice to leave your abusive relationship.  There are lots of community resources that are available to women in your situation. There are agencies that can help you and your children find temporary and permanent shelter, get access to basic necessities like groceries, get employment and career counselling and support and even locate grants for furthering your education or career training.

Leaving isn't easy, but with time you can be on your feet again, moving forward and supporting yourself and your children on your own.

For a list of local Quesnel organizations who are here to help you click here.