Check out these links for support and information:

Amata Transition House    http://www.amata.ca

The Amata Transition House provides 24 hour support and temporary shelter to women and children who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing abuse.  The house is located in Quesnel, BC.  

BC Coalition of Women's Centres     www.bcwomen.cjb.net

The Quesnel Women's Resource Centre is a member of the BC Coalition of Women's Centres, which is a group of women's centres from across the province that have come together to seek an end to the violence, poverty and other human rights abuses experienced by women in British Columbia.  Together we support and promote both independent and coordinated social change action among women's centres and other equity-seeking organizations.

City of Quesnel     http://www.city.quesnel.bc.ca/

The City of Quesnel's website has information about the city and links to other community organizations.

Ending Violence Association of BC    http://www.endingviolence.org

A resource for community-based services that support survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, child abuse, and criminal harassment.

KidsBC     www.kidsbc.ca

A resource for children whose parents are separated or getting a divorce.  Children learn about what to expect and how to deal with feelings that may arise from such situations.

Legal Services Society    www.lss.bc.ca

A great resource for information about the legal system.

JusticeBC    www.justicebc.ca

Criminal justice information and support. This website brings more than 300 pages of information about the criminal justice system, as well as links to other resources and services.

PovNet     www.povnet.org

An online resource for advocates, people on welfare, and community groups and individuals involved in anti-poverty work.  Find up-to-date information about resources in British Columbia and Canada on this site.

Clicklaw   www.clicklaw.ca

Clicklaw is a website aimed at enhancing access to justice in British Columbia. It features legal information and education designed for the public.

 Status of Women Canada     www.swc-cfc.gc.ca 

Status of Women Canada (SWC) is a federal government organization that promotes the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada.  SWC works to advance equality for women and to remove the barriers to women's participation in society, putting particular emphasis on increasing women's economic security and eliminating violence against women.

Women North Network     http://www.womennorthnetwork.com/

An excellent northern resource that focuses on building healthy northern communities through information sharing, research and collective action utilizing information and communication technology.